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Netflix Announces 'Archive 81' Horror Series And Will Be Visually Thrilling

James Wan teams up with Stranger Things director Rebecca Thomas to make supernatural horror

When you're an acclaimed director, you're a very sought after director. When you're the most sought after director, you're a busy director. James Wan has been on many productions that we've covered this year, some of which he denied involvement in. His most recent work we've heard of was a Blumhouse techno doll horror that's in development.

Now, Wan is executive producing a new Netflix supernatural horror, Archive 81. Variety reported that the first season will be 8 episodes long and will star Underwater‘s Mamoudou Athie and Altered Carbon's Dina Shihabi.

“When archivist Dan Turner (Athie) takes a mysterious job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994, he finds himself reconstructing the work of documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras (Shihabi) and her investigation into a dangerous cult. As Dan is drawn into Melody’s story, he becomes convinced he can save her from the terrifying end she met 25 years ago.”

The original Archive 81 created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell was as a found footage horror podcast. They will come back for the new series to be co-producers.

Rebecca Thomas will be directing half the series including the pilot episode. Paul Harris Boardman is on board as well as he created the original script.

Are you ready for more James Wan?

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