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Netflix's "The Haunting Of Bly Manor" - A Love Story With Ghosts

Mike Flannigan's anticipated supernatural horror drama series hits #1 on Netflix for most popular (Spoilers)

The limited series with no relation to The Haunting of Hill House premiered just last Friday and most everyone has already binge-watched it.

Some people were fairly disappointed with this slow burn, for it was hard to get into at times and for me, I slightly agree. I was determined to make it to the end though for I knew there was going to be a large payoff.

Each episode leading up to the final few toppled questions on top of questions. Often confused, somewhat intrigued, but overall at wits end with some of the sequences, The Haunting of Bly Manor consists of many entangled ghost stories.

At first, the ghost haunting Daniele showed up at fairly cheap and sometimes effective times. This was quite angering for I don't remember Hill House ever needing cheap scares to tell a story.

The overall setting was well done. The characters and the manor itself seemed vintage. The actors were damn good. Typically, I'll sit through a pile of shit as long as the actings good. They were able to keep things so chillingly hidden that each surprise was another layer in the character's development.

It wasn't until I reached episode 6 that I was truly sucked in and invested in the show. We find out Hannah is a ghost, we find Peter has been possessing Miles, we get a back story of 'the lady by the lake' which in my opinion was the best part of the show.

Once we received all this information was when the wheels started turning. Maybe I'm just not a sap but I did very much enjoy the romantic elements and the fact that multiple horror and love stories were being told across nine episodes simultaneously. In the broad scheme of things what an absolute spectacle. I mean you had Peter and Becca, Hannah and Owen, Charlotte and Henry, Daniele and Jamie, and The Willoughby Sisters love triangle!

Each story being fuzzy and heartwarming too. The show explored 'real love' and whether or not your lover 'really' loves you or not for most of the characters do crazy things for love.

Behind all the unnecessary and complicated sequences that were just there to mentally screw with us, the takeaway was there and I did leave this show feeling something.

Can we also talk about how horrifying Victoria Pedretti was in Hill House and how calm and innocent she is in Bly? I barely recognized or thought about the actors in the roles they played in Hill House. From drug-addled Luke Crain to Peter Quint, I am above excited for what Oliver Jackson-Cohen will bring to the table next in Flannigan's future installments to the anthology.

After you've separated yourself from the old roles, you start anew and within a few episodes, I did care for the psychological trauma of the Wingraves.

What did you think of the Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor? Were your expectations met?