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New Acrophobic Rock Climbing Movie 'The Ledge' Enters Post-Production

Attention rock climbers, this horror movie is just for you!!!

If you're like me and you share a fear of heights then you can expect Howard J. Ford's new horror-thriller to further that fear. I have never been rock climbing but I might just go before this movie prevents me from doing so for a very long time.

Brittney Ashworth, who's been in movies like The Crucifixion and Hostile, will be the lead actress in this film that had recently finished it's main production phase in Serbia last month.

Brittney Ashworth

Here is a small summary of the screenplay written by Tom Boyle:

Having left her friend Sophie with a group of men they had met earlier, Kelly is woken by her screams. Grabbing her GoPro to help her see in the dark, she runs towards her friend's cry for help just in time to see her lifeless body thrown from a ledge. Terrified, she turns and runs through the camp grabbing whatever climbing gear she can. Desperately she begins free-climbing the foot of the mountain, the men close behind. As days turn to freeze nights, she finds herself both mentally and physically exhausted in her efforts to avoid the murderous pack.

Ben Lamb (Now You See Me 2), Anais Parello, Nathan Welsh, David Wayman (Egomaniac), and Louis Boyer, will also be cast.

Howard J. Ford - Director

Ford has had huge credit in creating Never Let Go and Dead & Dead 2: India. The award-winning commercial director is based out of the UK and has recently been finding footing in the horror genre. I'm excited about this movie and to put down some thoughts about it!

Are you scared of heights or a Rock Climbing expert? Send pictures of your highest climb!

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