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New Co-op Survival Game 'Devour' Has A Terrifying Launch Trailer

Who's brave enough to play this with me?

This is no clickbait. Watch the trailer we'll provide below, it's seriously nightmare fuel. This new co-op survival game 'Devour' will put you and your friends to work together against terrifying monsters to reverse a ritual. The main monster, which looks like an undead woman, moves very fast and seems very difficult to escape from.

The new trailer is terrifying for sure, as the game is released today in Early Access. The gameplay feels similar to Phasmophobia where you and some friends must work together to survive.

This is a sequel to The Watchers, which had a similar taste in gameplay...

As once devoted cult members, players in DEVOUR must steel themselves and work together to stop their cursed leader Anna Puerta from unleashing an unspeakable evil. With the goat demon Azazel possessing her after a ritual gone horribly wrong, Anna’s rage and power will grow with every step the players take in DEVOUR. In a race against time, the players burn ritual goats, evade a growing legion of demons, and ultimately hope to break Azazel’s hold over Anna.

PC not up to par for most of the new age games coming out today? No worries, you and up to 3 more friends should be able to run this game with no problem. All you need is 4 GB of space and a 64-bit processor.

Developed by British indie studio Straight Back Games and is available on Steam for $4.99 in the U.S. You and your Phasmophobia gang will sure like this title and many more by Straight Back Games.

How many of your friends would play this with you?

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