New GHOST Album Coming This Winter!!

Oh. F. Yes!

Ghost is one of my favorite bands of all time. And in my opinion, they are the most marketable band. I want everything Ghost. I want all their shirts, all their hoodies, and all random pieces of merch that they release.

I wouldn't be mad if one whole room in my house turned into a Ghost shrine.

One of my proudest moments, was when I showed Ghost to Cult Leader Z. He had never heard them before. Within a week he owned all their vinyl's and was a hardcore fan like myself.

Many bands are waiting for the pandemic to be over before they release new music, so that they can immediately tour with it. But the mastermind behind Ghost, Tobias Forge, said Ghost may not wait in a recent interview with VK. He said that Ghost's 5th album could be released as soon as THIS WINTER!

When asked if the album will be at all inspired by COVID-19 and the pandemic, Tobias hinted at that it won't be. He said their last album, Prequelle, was essentially already that.

"I have already made a record about God’s wrath and doomsday."

He said. He then went on to add:

"But I have a feeling that there will be plenty of doomsday and quarantine-confirming records in the future, and I think I might not participate in it."

And that's fine by me! When I listen to Ghost I want to forget my earthy existence, not be confined by it.

Ghost is definitely music for horror fans! If you don't believe me, check out this music video for one of their best songs! One listen and you'll be hooked.

Are you a fan of Ghost??

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