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New Official Trailer For Frictional Games Upcoming Horror Release "Amnesia: Rebirth"

A more in-depth look into the story and environments to be explored in the newest horror title by Frictional Games

We have posted a new official look into the story and environments of the new upcoming horror title by Frictional Games and it gave me chills! Amnesia: Rebirth is going to be the next Outlast. From the preview of the narrative and the desert we will soon set foot in, it looks to be absolute madness.

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The main focus of Rebirth will be throwing you in these environments that are much different from one another, on a journey to search for help after a plane crash. Of course from the character's perspective, you will find that you may have been better off crashing in the middle of the ocean and drowning, for vicious nightmares have been sighted roaming the landscape.

In the game, that if you get so scared you die, you journey as female protagonist Tasi Trianon as she searches the deserts and mountains for help, the twist of course is that she has Amnesia.

You will have to push through your fears as each phase of the story will permit a new sight to behold, giving you proper incentive to persevere.

For most that never watched The Hills Have Eyes, deserts aren't scary. The new trailer shows that the team took this notion into account and did their best to prove you wrong.

“In full sunlight a desert looks too much like a day at the beach, which wouldn’t invoke the sense of dread we wanted from this game."

- Creative Director, Thomas Grip

As result of this challenge to keep the player consistently on their toes, the team has created ancient ruins, underground caves, and otherworldly landscapes.

Amnesia: Rebirth will be available on October 20th on Steam, GOG, Epic Games, and PS4.

Are you excited to experience this new direction in the next installment of the Amnesia Series?