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New 'Phasmophobia' Update Increases Your Chances Of Spooky Death

Yupp. The ghosts just got a whole lot smarter than before...

The Phasmophobia hype train has definitely been on a soft decline but Kinetic Games is still steadily updating their widely popular ghost hunter game. This update in its entirety can be fully reviewed here on the Steam Page.

The update is focused on the AI behavior of the ghosts, with no updates in any ghost types and or locations yet.

Ghosts will have more sensory tools to their disposals when hunting. Their hearing range will be larger as well as their ability to lock on to different players after losing sight of a player they were previously pursuing. Ghosts can also open and close doors, lockers, and closets, so no more hiding.

Phasmophobia is available on PC through Steam.

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