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New Photos Give A Better Look At The Joker From Snyder's Justice League Cut

We get to see Jared Leto's Joker in all his non-blurry glory

This isn't so much the raging psychopathic druglord Joker you remember from Suicide Squad. This is a much darker, more refined Joker. These images are part of the new scenes Zack Snyder shot to incorporate the Joker into the 4-hour Justice League cut coming March 18th.

The new film features Darkseid, a much scarier Thanos in my opinion. The scene featuring the Joker serves as a flashback from Batman (Ben Affleck) that foreshadows his return if the heroes don't stop Darkseid.

The film seems to dive deeper into the horror genre as what we're getting is blood-soaked, and far darker than the 2017 film that currently stands at a PG-13 rating. The cut comes to HBO Max on March 18th exclusively.

Watch Justice League on HBO Max now before the Snyder cut releases!

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