New Trailer | "Girl With No Mouth' Is A Grim Post Apocalyptic Horror

As you can see only one of these characters followed covid guidelines

Coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and Amazon Prime in the USA, December 8th, Can Evrenol's Girl With No Mouth will be a gritty apocalyptic film that you can watch with your family. If you haven't seen Baskin, it's up there with A Serbian Film, but it seems like Can toned it down for this one.

The film will follow children affected by mutations from a toxic explosion who go on a journey for survival.

The effects in this film look freaky and disturbing. I'm interested to see how far Evrenol pushes the horror boundary.

The film will be produced under Indiecan Entertainment with a trailer you can check out on our Bloody Pulp Youtube channel.

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What are your first initial thoughts on this trailer?

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