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Nicole Kidman's Horror Classic 'The Others' Gets The Remake That It Deserves

Universal Pictures and Sentient Entertainment partner up to bring life back into 'The Others'

The remake of Alejandro Amenabar's film is currently in development as recently this year Sentient has acquired the rights.

The classic horror film had a $17 million budget. Becoming a word-of-mouth sleeper hit eventually grossing over $200 million at the box office, The Others became a surprise summer hit. Other than being able to scare audiences how will the film with the most known twist ending be able to hold its power with a remake?

Based on information from Insider it is said that film execs are meeting together to adapt a new script.

The original starred Nicole Kidman in 1945, living with two photosensitive children in a remote country house on one of the Channel Islands. She suspects the presence of 'others' so she begins to search the house. For the remake to match the impact original you will of had to not of watched the original.

I am not sure how I feel for remakes have not been all that good recently. As the film is still in development it may be a while before we have any updates.

Will this remake of the horror classic be worth the watch? Should twist endings be told once? If not should we also get a Sixth Sense reference?

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