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No More Room In Hell 2 Zombie Co-op Shooter Coming Soon

This will help hold you and your friends over until Back 4 Blood releases

For those who have been logging on to their Steam and staring at the store page for an hour to no avail, this game may be for you. The sequel to the popular Source engine mod No More Room In Hell is on its way and will be launching in Early Access for about one year.

Lever Games announced that most of the game's features are already complete. More maps, weapons (skins), and game modes will be dropped throughout the Early Access year.

It's one of the many Left 4 Dead-likes you'll see in the market today where you and three other friends can go guns-blazing in the middle of a zombie apocalypse once again.

We are still waiting on a release date but I am very, very excited.

NMRIH2 will be available on PC for Steam soon.

Are you looking forward to this Co-op Zombie shooter?

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