Paranormal Activity 7 Coming Out In 2022!

Originally scheduled to come out this spring, it has recently been announced that Paramount and Blumhouse have pushed back the latest Paranormal Activity film.

It will now be released on March 4th, 2022!

I know many horror elitists look down upon found footage, and Paranormal Activity often gets the brunt of the abuse, but I personally love them.

Get off your false horror throne and learn to enjoy stuff, you nerds!

It was also announced that Christopher Landon is returning to the franchise. Landon has wrote all of the previous Paranormal Activity films, besides the last one, The Ghost Dimension. He also directed the 5th film in the series, The Marked Ones. Since then, he wrote and directed Happy Death Day, and it's sequel.

Here is what Landon had to say on the topic: “I am helping my friends and co-collaborators at Paramount set a new course for the franchise. I AM NOT writing the script nor am I directing the new movie. I am eager and excited to hand the reigns over to a fresh filmmaker who will undoubtedly reinvigorate this franchise that the amazing Oren Peli created so many years ago.”

Are you excited to return to the world of Paranormal Activity?

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