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Paranormal Prison Or Phasmaphobia The Movie

Updated: Feb 22

"Before we get chased by this mannequin make sure you Like, Comment, and Subscribe."

Paranormal Prison is a found-footage horror movie that follows a Youtube channel crew lead by a man with a trust fund attempting to get potential ghost coverage to go viral. What they uncover is the location's secret after getting spooked a couple of times and then everyone leaves unscathed with their footage.

By a couple of spooks, there's a creepy mannequin, some ghostly apparitions, sketchy noises, and a guy that likes to play off the fear and gullibility of his team. No one really is in any real danger ever and the movie is very anticlimactic.

The most intense part was when they get chased by a mannequin into a cell-like space, have a big brain jimmy neutron brain blast moment, and then they leave and everything's fine.

If you're a sucker, treat this like the mild sauce at taco bell for it will burn you. If you're like me and need a bit more terror to be convinced, I'd save this for a night on the couch with friends.

What did you think about this movie if you've seen it?

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