Patrick Wilson To Direct INSIDIOUS 5!

And it will be his directional debut!

Star of the Insidious franchise, and big time collaborator with series creator James Wan, will be making his directional debut with the 5th installment!

A lot of people know Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren in The Conjuring franchise, but that wasn't his first time in the world of paranormal madness. Before he was a demonologist, he was a protective father who entered demonic realms to save his son.

Wilson's character has been absent from the series after the second installment, but will return in part 5. The news of his characters return, and Wilson directing was announced at the recent virtual BlumFest.

“I’m honored and thrilled to be at the helm of the next Insidious installment, which will provide an amazing chance to unpack everything the Lamberts went through a decade ago, as well as deal with the consequences of their choices. Directing the movie is both professionally and personally a full-circle moment for me, and I am extremely grateful to be entrusted in continuing to tell this frightening and haunting story."

Wilson said.

Are you excited for a fifth Insidious film??

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