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Pick Up Demon Souls Today With Your PS5

The Demon Souls remake is available today if being angry is your thing

Launching today is the much anticipated Demon Souls remake only available for PS5. Demon Souls spawned the beggining of a slew of some of the most difficult RPG series and spinoffs.

This souls-like remake coming to PS5 will demonstrate the consoles next-generation graphics.

The 'souls-like' description, describes games influenced by Demon Souls that require intense pereseverance and dedication to complete. Basically, these games seperate the men from the boys, and you have some hair on your chest if you've completed a soulslike title.

Because of this notoriety due to the game's nature of being highly difficult, a huge cult following was amassed retaining loyal fans that are now anticipating their newest release of Elden Ring.

What's super cool about these games is the crazy amount of lore hidden in the game that can only be uncovered by you getting through it. The Dark Souls series is really one of my favorite video games series because of how rewarding it feels when you overcome its challenges.

I don't own the new PS5 but if you do, and you wish to pick this game up, we would like to hear about what you think about this classic RPG!

What's your favorite souls-like game?

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