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Play Through Goofy Platforming Courses In Fall Guys As Doom Characters

Doom costumes come to Fall guys

Devolver Digital is part of a long slew of some of my favorite game developer companies. Hotline Miami, Stories Untold, Broforce, Shadow Warrior, and many more. With 84 games on their belt, I'd say they're a fairly solid company.

Fall Guys is one of the games in 2020 that blew up with players jumping, diving, and dodging in a series of mini-games in a 60 player battle royale game. The winner of the Battle Royale gets a crown, the rarest item that can be used in their exclusive shop where more skins and items are available.

Players can now use their Crowns to buy Doom skins, which now I may log back into the game to compete to get them.

Coming January 12th, players will be able to play as the Doomslayer, Cyberdemon, and the Cacodemon.

How many Fall Guys crowns do you have?

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