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Playstation Exclusive 'Days Gone'Porting To The PC This Spring

We're looking forward to more exclusives from the Playstation to land on the PC Platform

Days Gone will now feature PC support following the port release of Horizon Zero Dawn, lighting the wick for more Playstation exclusives to hit the platform.

This open-world zombie adventure pits one man against hordes of zombies, forcing him to use the environment at his disposal. You'll experience a fantastic story, great characters, and intense hair-raising zombie encounters.

A 20-minute video listed below will detail the requirements needed to run this port on your PC.

Days Gone came out on Playstation in 2019 and got mixed reviews. The game sucks you in with its breathtaking and ambient world, on the other hand, the performance is lacking. The mass of zombies that show up on the screen at once prove this game to be quite demanding, players will need a 64-bit processor at least.

Days Gone was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and will be firing up more exclusives in the future upon the development of their new PSVR set.

Will you be trying this Zombie open-world title on your PC?

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