POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR - A New Album I Think Horror Fans Will Like

I mean, it has "horror" in the title. And this album is a soundtrack for our horrifying modern world.

Let me tell only a slightly fictionalized version of a conversation that has happened multiple times between me and CultLeaderZ. We will either be in The Bloody Pulp office, postponing whatever work needs to be done by talking about various things. Or in the car driving to whatever it is we're doing.

He will say something along the lines of "Have you heard so and so's new song?"

9 out of 10 times I haven't. He will give me a prelude to the song by telling me about how whatever artist it is happens to be a genius. How they are a "dope AF" artist, how their producer is pure fire, and the song is a piece of art that rivals the Sistine Chapel.

He will then proceed to play, in my opinion, the most soulless, lifeless, hollow shell of art I have ever experienced. By the time the song is over, I can truly say I know what a piece of cardboard would sound like if it could create "music."

(Sorry CultLeaderZ, but I do like your taste in music 1 out 10 times.)

And sorry to The Weeknd, you should definitely let CultLeaderZ direct one of your music videos, but I think you're lifeless.

With that being said, CultLeaderZ also told me that he DOES NOT LIKE this album that I am about to rave about. And I am going to tell you why he is wrong, and any horror fan (or fan of good music in general) should give this album a shot.

Bring Me The Horizon is one of the only few artists that CONSISNTLY put out music that never lets me down. I am not a fan of their earlier work. But ever since they released their 2015 album "That's The Spirit", I was officially converted to the cult of BMTH.

And their 2019 album "amo" I may like even more.

And now they just released an EP titled "Post Human: Survival Horror." And it is a combination of every musical style BMTH has ever done. And it somehow flows so smooth, and mixes so well. Oli Sykes, vocalist, has stated that the whole album is intended to be a Survival Horror soundtrack. And it deff is.

Let me give you a guide of some the best tracks, if you're not already sold.

Track 1. - Dear Diary

When I first put the album on, my anticipation was through the roof. And the opening track blew my f**king head off. It's heavy as hell, full of aggressive (almost screamo) vocals that BMTH haven't done for years. If anyone thought Sykes wasn't capable of those anymore were proven dead wrong.

Sykes has stated that this song was inspired by being in quarantine throughout this pandemic, but he twisted the lyrics to reflect a zombie apocalypse instead.

And the chorus has no f**k's given. The lyrics "The sky is falling. It's f**king boring. I'm going braindead isolated. God is a sh*t head. And we're his rejects. Traumatized for breakfast, I can't stomach any more Survival Horror" prove that.

Track 2. - Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve may be the best song on the whole record. A perfect blend of BMTH's heavier roots and the more electronic road they've been taking. The song was written before the Coronavirus pandemic, and the band almost scrapped the song because they thought it would be offensive.

Instead though, they decided it could be cathartic to release a song this dark during a dark time. And I think they were right.

"When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?"

Watch the creepy as hell music video for Parasite Eve below!

Track 8. - Ludens

Ludens was the first song for this EP to be released. It was part of the soundtrack for the video game Death Stranding. That game is weird, trippy, and freaky as hell. And this song is as well.

The lyrics are haunting and don't only represent the game's themes, but very real themes in the world today.

"How do I form a connection, when we can't even shake hands? You're like a phantom greeting me. We plot in the shadows, hang out in the gallows, stuck in a loop for eternity."

Track 9. - One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death

What do you get when you mix Bring Me The Horizon's immaculate production, on a horror themed album, then you throw in Evanescence's Amy Lee? You get perfection. Perfection is what you get.

Amy Lee's beautifully haunting vocals mix so well with what BMTH are doing these days. The tone of the album, Sykes's voice, and these lyrics needed Amy Lee to make this track stand even taller than it already did.

This is the last song on the album. A ballad with horrifying lyrics that will be stuck in your head long after the song ends. You will find yourself replaying this one over, and over and over again.

"Bet it feels pretty real when your skin starts to peel from the bone. You were dead to the world, now I'm dead to you."


This album is much better than The Weeknd. It's technically an EP, but it has 9 songs and is about 35 minutes long so I'm gonna call it an album.

These are just my favorite tracks, but every song is pure bliss. The whole record conveys a sense of dread, hopelessness, but sometimes even hope. It's dark, twisted, moody, haunting and everything I know horror fans love.

Other songs feature artists such as YUNGBLOOD, BABYMETAL, and Nova Twins.

BMTH has never been more free in their creativity. And I'm glad they are using that creativity this way.

Check out the album on Spotify!!

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