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POSTPONED!!! 'Dune' to be Expected Next Year Upon Many Pushbacks

Sorry, we got you excited with this trailer a month or so back but... It's not happening yet

What's the most disastrous setback this year besides the worldwide shut down due to an infectious disease-causing causing everyone to wear masks and stay six feet apart? You guessed it! Warner Bros. New sci-fi epic is delayed until 2021. We have been imprisoned in our homes watching American Horry Story reruns and you know, maybe some of you decided to try out that new The Walking Dead season. Besides a few awesome films this year (The Invisible Man, The Lodge, Relic, Etc.) we sadly just haven't gotten much else in terms of big budget hits, everything keeps getting pushed back. While the safety of people come first, it still is depressing knowing we can't see some of our most anticipated films during the hardest point of our life in recent years.

I, Cultist Scribe S, am with ya big bro/sis/other. I am part of this struggle with you, as this is a burden we will all carry together.

We were all readied up on Amazon buying high definition speakers and a month's worth of popcorn for December's rollout. Lo and behold, our expectations have again come to a crashing halt. Dune is now expected to come to the channels this time next year. That is just a loose estimation for the film as we all know COVID-19 is unpredictable at this point.

What blockbuster announced in these recent months do you think will be pushed back?

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