Predator VS Native Americans!! Lots Of Details Released About Fifth Predator Film!

This movie sounds like a f**king BLAST!!

News has broken on a fifth Predator film. And assuming all of these details turn out to be true, it'll be amazing.

It was announced that 10 Cloverfield Lane director, Dan Trachtenberg, will be behind the camera, And apparently, the film was supposed to be a surprise. And I kinda feel bad that the cat is out of the bag. According to some sources, maybe the audience wasn't even suppose to know it was a Predator film until they were already watching it.

It was reported last year that Trachtenberg was working on a film called Skulls, hat was said to be about Native Americans. And now we learn that this film is in fact the next Predator film.

I can't wait to see Native Americans with their tracking skills and bows fighting a Predator with equal tracking skills but more advanced weapons. It'll be the battle of the ages! I'll be there day one.

Are you excited for this Predator film??

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