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Quibi's 50 States Of Fright and The Expecting To Be Saved By Roku

Great, some good news to start off this new year!

Do you guys remember when Quibi went downhole late last year? Well, the 'quick bite' streaming service is reportedly selling content streaming rights to Roku. If you were a fan of Quibi and were sad to see it go, then grab Roku if you don't have it already. You may soon have access to the entire Quibi content library soon.

Hardware manufacturer Roku is well known for streaming devices, but Roku doesn't have any content of its own. The death of Quibi just opened the doors for Roku to have their own original content.

This was a colossal failure due to the pandemic but at least the good content that came out of it won't completely go to rest. 50 States of Fright was a huge hit on that platform and we were all wondering if was to never be seen again!

Quibi's The Expecting is also another series in talks among fan favorites to go to the Roku platform. The Expecting was a thriller directed by Mary Harron that twisted the genre by doing pregnancy horror.

Hang in there fans, you might not lose sight of Quibi originals after all.

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Which Quibi show did you like the most?

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