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Quibi Shows Confirmed Going To Roku For Free

It's final, fans can enjoy some of the Quibi favorites like 50 States Of Fright and The Expecting

So we all know the mobile-only platform named Quibi had a bit of a falling out last year. The platform that was to give you just ten-minute chunks of entertainment during your busy day ended up not meeting projections. You can blame the pandemic but all we know is there were actually some decent titles on the platform such as 50 States Of Fright and The Expecting.

I updated this situation just a few days ago about how Roku, the media streaming device company with no original content, was hoping to absorb Quibi's library. Well, it is now confirmed by Deadline that Roku has officially bought the Quibi library.

Now it will still show as Quibi on the Roku app but watching the program will be entirely free of charge so if you're an owner of Roku, have some fun.

Should larger companies absorb struggling companies like this all the time?

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