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R.I.P | Robert Hall Director And Special Effects Artist Passes Away At 47

This man is a legend for his work on set and in the special effects rooms

Robert Hall is an extremely talented man that the thought of losing him is absolutely devastating to the horror world.

Hall has been working in Hollywood since the 90s on films like Night of the Scarecrow, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and one of my all time favorites... Wishmaster.

His later efforts after he founded PostHuman FX in 1996 are Vacancy, Prom Night, Quarantine, and Crazies.

Robert Hall is a keystone in the horror world with a vision that extends farther than our favorite movies but is intertwined deep within the hearts of us the viewers and everyone he's left his impression on in film sets. We, at The Bloody Pulp send our condolences to his friends and family as he will be missed.

Which of the films listed that Hall has done work on were your favorite films effects-wise?