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RE: Verse Is The Competitive PVP Resident Evil We Didn't Know We Wanted

A title bundled up with the release of Resident Evil 8

Now, we released an article detailing the release date and some information given during last night's reveal. There was one detail I left out. It was RE: Verse, a game that will be bundled with the release of the eighth installment.

From first looks, this seems to be the entire Resident Evil universe packed into one game. Take a look at the teaser trailer we got from Capcom.

This game looks like it doesn't take itself seriously at all but it looks extremely fun at that. As a 'thank you' from the developers for RE's 25th anniversary, if you own the new title, this will be entirely free.

This game strives to be of the better Resident Evil multiplayer attempts from the past years. I can't wait to see some of you guys on the Twitch when I check this all out on May 7th, 2021.

Do you have a RE character in mind that you are going to play mostly when you pick this game up?

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