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Real-Life Horror | Man Gets Swallowed By A Sinkhole In The Bronx

New York might be the worst place to wait for a bus

As reported yesterday, a man in the Bronx was waiting for a bus on Third Ave. near E. 183rd St. in Belmont Saturday afternoon when he fell down a sinkhole.

33-year-old Leonard Shoulders wasn't geared for such a horrific day when he found himself 15 feet underneath the dirty streets of New York with a broken arm and leg. The darkness and the injury weren't Shoulder's only problem. After hitting the ground, Shoulders was greeted by a swarm of rats that began crawling all over him.

“He couldn’t move, and the rats were crawling all over him. He didn’t scream, because he didn’t want the rats going into his mouth.”

- Brother, Greg White

"He's alive, thank god"

His family was devasted as they thought they had just lost a loved one to the New York underground.

What would you do if trapped in a sinkhole?

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