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Let's Talk Sweet Home / Alice In Borderland

It's been a while since these two shows have been on the Netflix streaming platform and you either watched them and moved on or scrolled over them and considered one of the more trendy titles. Most times I'm running through Netflix, I end up shutting the app off and going to bed. It's difficult to dive into shows without recommendation so with that being said, I want to quickly recommend these shows.

This is just my opinion so hear me out before diving straight in.

My favorite of the two is Alice In Borderland. It is such a strange gem to just randomly pop up on the streamer and well, nobody really talked about it. It exercises one of my favorite horror movie anecdotes and if you don't know what that is, think 'SAW'. Yes, deadly survival scenarios through grueling and tantalizing games or challenges.

The dystopian set-up will make you think this is a depressing show. Only in one episode are the themes somewhat heavy. Episode three if you've seen it. The show is incredibly fun and smart, with games that require logic and wit to be victorious. Our main character, Arisu, is a gamer and it's his logic and wit acquired through long hours of gaming that he will need to survive.

What I really adore about this show even more than the games are the unique villains which is what you can expect out of a show based on a manga series. My favorite being the bald-headed dude with face-paint wielding a sword.

Sweet Home is for those who love the movie monster magic. This one is full of monsters, especially in the pilot episode where you see the main show location overrun with beasts. The Green House is an apartment complex that Cha Hyun-soo (Hyun-soo) had just moved into. He's depressed and often contemplates suicide. In a way, the monster invasion saved him as a sudden will to live and fight overcomes his feelings of isolation.

The show is entirely about survival and the first half is exciting and gripping, as monsters infiltrate and tear through barriers taking victims one by one. The second half serves more of a dark turn for the series as the infection takes over some of the residents and the decision of whether to coexist with them or kick them out to the wolves plagues over them.

I don't wish to give too much away but the human drama is great and worth the watch. My favorite character is the one the residents refer to as 'The Gangster' because of his silent badassery.

Have you seen these shows? If so, which one of the two is your favorite?

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