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Actor Robbie Amell Leaks 'Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City' Reshoots Happening In Toronto

This film tops all of the reboot films happening right now

Resident Evil is one of the most anticipated films to come out this year due to the Resident Evil franchises popularity, especially after the huge release of Resident Evil 8: Village.

Johannes Roberts is sticking to the source material with Welcome to Raccoon City. Fans of the series will get to see their favorite characters from the very beginnings of the Resident Evil Universe come to life this November, the 24th.

Reshoots for the film are scheduled to take place in Toronto. This information was leaked by actor Robbie Amell, who will be playing mainstay character Chris Redfield. Amell was on a Twitch livestream when leaking this information.

Check out this clip of Amell in a Call of Duty: Warzone lobby when he dropped the tea!

Are you excited for this upcoming reboot?

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