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Returnal Will Satiate Your Sci-fi Action Shooter Taste

Once you're done with your many Cyberpunk 2077 playthroughs of course...

Mass Effect, Prey, Doom, Cyberpunk, are you done with Sci-Fi shooters? I'm not. You shouldn't be because Housemarque just recently announced a new next-gen title. Housemarque is known for arcadey style shooters and unique graphics.

Announced at the past Playstation reveal, Returnal demonstrated high octane, fast-paced, third-person action mechanics. Tagged with a release date of March 19th, 2021, sci-fi fans got another title to look forward to.

Unfamiliar with Housemarque? Nex Machina, Matterfall, Alienation, Resogun? Well, if you haven't, they specialize in the carnage of aliens and well... This game looks like the best they've done so far.

This game is a roguelike so you'll often be dying and backtracking, leveling up skills to see to different areas. The main character's name is Selene, a scout trapped on a planet packed with hostile aliens. For some reason known only to the science fiction gods, she is in an endless death loop and discovers clues with each death.

The game will be making the most use of the Playstation 5's dual sense controller, taking advantage of its cool new attributes for Returnal will be a Playstation 5 exclusive. Players will experience haptic feedback when pulling the trigger and the ability to switch fire modes with the controller.

What's your favorite Sci-Fi Action shooter to date?

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