Robert Pattinson Wouldn't Let Anyone Hear His "Devil All The Time" Accent Until 1st Take


If you haven't yet, go watch the newest Netflix film "The Devil All The Time." It's an incredibly unique, well written, well acted piece of work.

With actors such as Tom Holland (MCU's Spider-Man), Bill Skarsgard (IT's Pennywise) and Sebastian Stan (MCU's Winter Soldier), it's definitely one of the best films released in this horrendous year of 2020.

But one of the standout performances, is without a doubt Robert Pattinson. The new preacher in the backwoods. And a wicked creep.

Now, we learn that his accent in the film, that matched his character perfectly, was all Pattinson's doing. So much so, that he refused to even let the director hear his accent until his first 1st take.

In an interview with THE INSIDER, director Antonio Campos, had a lot to say about Pattinson's process.

"Rob was impossible to get dialect coaching. He just didn’t want to do it. He was just adamant about figuring it out on his own. He would be like, ‘I’m gonna do this thing, and that thing, with a little bit of this.'

I don’t get worried about those things. There was no way in my mind that he wasn’t going to come on set with something bad. I might not have dug it, but it wasn’t going to be bad. I’d rather have someone come with something weird that’s a choice than something that isn’t thought out. So I knew he would come with something interesting."

So what did you think of The Devil All The Time? How Much Did You Like It??

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