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Rocky Horror Picture Show Reunion Welcomes Back Tim Curry

A rare appearance to celebrate 1975's classic musical

For all of my new fans of horror, Tim Curry wasn't just the prolific Pennywise from IT. In the 70's he would dance around the stage, sing, and be as energetic as ever. He had a huge following and was loved dearly far before he was a killer clown. Wearing flashy clothes, and covering his face in makeup, he would frolick around as he is "just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania".

If you took the long drive to see this show every week in the '80s and you're a native of Wisconsin then you're and luck. Tim Curry and some of his fellow cast members will be having a reunion as part of a fundraiser for the Democratic party on Halloween.

"Rocky Horror has been changing lives for decades, and now, with this reunion on Halloween Night to supercharge Wisconsin Democrats in the final stretch, it's going to change the world again."

- Wisconsin Democrat, Ben Wikler

The actor is now at an old age suffering from a lot of the health problems that come with that territory. Curry doesn't make public appearances now if at all so this event is extremely rare. The last time he made a public appearance was eight years ago in 2012 so you can instead say "once in a worldwide crisis" over "a blue moon".

Tim Curry is such a legend...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show reunion will be a Livestream event taking donations on October 31.

Were you a Rocky Horror fan? I watched this when I was 15 years old wondering of what the hell did I just watch and only a couple years later starting to appreciate it!

What's your memory of Rocky Horror Picture Show

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