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TRAILER | Sacrifice Is The Newest Lovecraftian Horror Film With Barbara Crampton

Cthulu is arguably the greatest fictional entity ever imagined

Barbara Crampton starred in a lot of H.P Lovecraft adaptations in the 80s and 90s with Re-animator, From Beyond, and Castle Freak. It's the roaring-roaring 20s now, and the actress is back again with Sacrifice, based on a Lovecraft-inspired inspired short story by Paul Kane named, "Men of the Cloth."

Crampton isn't under the direction of Stuart Gordon for this film. In the director's chairs are Andy Collier and Toor Mian.

Sophie Stevens and Ludovic Hughes play a couple after a family inhertiance. To receive the inheritance, Emma and Isaac travel all the way out to a village in Norway.

After his mother’s death, Isaac and his pregnant wife return to his birthplace on a remote Norwegian island to claim on unexpected inheritance. During their visit, the couple discovers dark secrets from Isaac’s past. Their pleasant trip quickly turns into a nightmare when Isaac and his wife encounter a sinister cult that worships a sea-dwelling deity.

Epic Pictures Sacrifice will release on VOD, February 9th, and enter Blu-ray on the 23rd.

How happy are you to see Crampton back to her roots?

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