Sarah Paulson's New Film slated for a Hulu Release!

Between Books of Blood (Click Here) , Mexican Gothic (Click Here) and now this, Hulu is set to become a Horror paradise!

From the director of Searching (Aneesh Chaganty) , 'Run' which had been originally slated for a theatrical release on Mother's Day, has now been set for an at-home release instead. Deadline reports that it has been set for release on Hulu. The site also noted that it will also be released theatrically in some overseas territories, but not in the United States.

American Horror Story vet Sarah Paulson stars in this movie focused on a Mother raising her teen daughter (Kiera Allen) in isolation (Seem a little too close to home?) Chloe’s life begins to unravel as she discovers her mom’s sinister secret.

All the signs are telling Chloe to run away from her mom. The only problem? She can’t.


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Are you excited for Run?? What is your most anticipated horror movie this year? Let us know below!

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