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Saturnalia Is A Stylish Survival Horror Game Set For Release In 2021

You survived Christmas but will you survive the Saturnalia holiday?

Ever since my first horror game, I have lived for different and unique visions of horror especially those with lore that is tied with real-life events. This game is based on the Saturnalia holiday, a popular holiday on the ancient Roman calendar where gifts were either offered or sacrificed to the gods during the midwinter and winter solstice. The archaic agricultural traditions were kept mostly between farmers in rural areas of Rome when the world was 'ruled by Saturn'.

Saturnalia will bring you to the island of Sardinia, an island home to a rural village where ancient rituals were carried out. The village is in a broken state where now it holds monsters that dwell in the shadows.

This is a survival horror game, so it's up to you who survives. You will have a handful of playable characters that once they're dead, they're dead, and it will lead to multiple alternate endings depending on who you let go.

The release announcement of this game has yet to be but we know it's sometime in 2021. It's looking like a PC exclusive so far but we await further knowledge.

What's another ancient holiday that would be most interesting to have a game based on it?

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