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'Scare me' is an intelligent horror comedy tailor-made for fans of horror

Cue the convenient thunder and lightning!

I may just be a sucker for these campy movies with short and simple concepts that go completely awry in the last quarter of the film making you so much more appreciative of the art of Horror but really... This film had me smiling all the way through. The cast is so small and the overall credits just a half of a page long I mean we really get to see Josh Rubens vision play right out on the big screen for he wrote, directed, and acted in this movie.

The new Shudder exclusive Scare Me is creative and witty, checking all of your boxes for smart and loving homages to the genre we all know and love best. Acting alongside the beautiful Aya Cash, who you may recognize as Stormfront in Amazon's The Boys, an already acclaimed horror story writer who bumps into Ruben's character Fred, currently struggling to get his bearings in the horror writer world.

The two bounce off each other wonderfully telling scary story after scary stories to one another. At first, you may think the tensions will resolve with them finding each other fit as lifelong partners under the name and wing of the horror gods above until you find out there are some darker themes at play.

(SPOILERS) After a night of storytelling, drinking, and some explicit substance, Ruben's character lets his inner rage get the best of him as he intends on creating a horror story that will trump them all.

At this point in my life, I myself have let my ego get the best out of me whereas if anybody else I encounter with my same hobbies or professions will instantly be part of a competitive race. We've knocked heads from time to time but imagine being stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with someone whos shoes you believe you deserve more than.

This film touches on very personal and existential themes whilst being aware of those themes and using them to push horror cliches at you, just to spin it around and say 'life is the horror movie' as our protagonist becomes the antagonist.

This was an absolute pleasure, and hopefully, you skipped the spoiler if you haven't watched it because I've left out a lot for there are some truly funny moments for you to enjoy.

Join Josh Ruben on Shudder as a horror writer traveling to an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere in an attempt to write his next horror novel and watch as his storytelling finesse is tested by an acclaimed novelist that he bumped in to.

What is an ideal place that you would lock yourself into to write the next horror blockbuster?