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Shadow In The Cloud Looks To Be A Silly Premise But Looks To Have Brilliant Execution

A new movie with Chloe Grace Moretz as a World War 2 dog-fighter

Chloe Grace Moretz is a very familiar face in Hollywood. Dabbling in a slew of multiple genres, we've seen her acting versatility and her ability to take on big leading roles often. This one in particular, in my opinion, looks to be her most exciting one. She looks like an absolute badass in the above photo.

The silly premise is simply the idea of a sky goblin terrorizing these World War 2 fighter planes. It sounds way out there and for a large portion of the film to take place in the sky, well that intrigues me. You can see some behind the scenes photos below...

This movie, announced on Moretz social media this week, will release January 1st of 2021 on VOD.

Shadow in the Cloud is not at all meant to be anywhere close to realistic. You're genuinely lead to just strap in and get ready for the high action, high altitude thriller. Director Roseanne Liang made sure the film was over the top and at the most part terrifying than it is trying to grab at your suspension of disbelief.

From the trailer, the sky goblin seems to be easily tearing the planes apart leaving the flyers vulnerable. It seems as if Moretz's character will be consistently in danger all throughout the movie.

The sky goblin is not her only enemy in the film. It is World War 2 for that matter and she is also faced against the Japanese opposition. On top of that, the date is 1943 and she is a woman surrounded by disrespectful men.

So am I right in saying the premise is silly but it looks extremely entertaining? Would you watch this?

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