Sharknado: A Modern Masterpiece

Sharknado. The movie about tornadoes... That are filled with man-eating sharks. Does it get much better than this?!

From the plot, to the characters, and even the special effects, this series is incredible. You can absolutely fight me, because this is the best film franchise about sharks.

(Sorry Jaws, you ruined it with the first sequel. Sharknado is at worst consistent through the whole series, at best each movie tops the one before it.)

So maybe that's a bit of a stretch. Well not the Jaws sequel thing, but the rest of it. But what Sharknado lacks in... Most areas... It makes up for by being hilariously over-the-top. While I understand why many people dislike the movies, I still love them.

Now, if you're familiar with the series you know that there are 6 films total. This makes the franchise ideal for a marathon party. So, here's what you need to have the perfect Sharknado Marathon Party once quarantine is over.

Run Time

The run time for all six films is a totally doable 9 hours and 10 minutes. Easy!

Add, say, 10 minutes between each film for bathroom breaks and to grab more snacks, plus another 20 minutes to get settled and everything before starting the first one. That's a solid 10 hour and 20 minute party. Hell yeah.


A great Sharknado party needs great shark snacks. Duh. Shark themed snacks are pretty easy to find on the internet, but here are some of my favorite ideas for inspiration.


You can't host a party without having drinks! I've separated them so you can easily decide which ones to make based on whether or not you're having an alcohol-friendly party.




Now, a great party needs great decorations. There are so many shark themed party decorations out there, that I'll let you find whatever fits what you're going for. Maybe it's more tornado-leaning decor or maybe you're rocking the pure shark vibe, either way and anywhere in between is perfect!


To have a Sharknado marathon event, you need people to invite, and they will all have to be a special kind of person - the kind who likes Sharknado. Once you find a group of friends who love the series as much as you do, all you have to do is invite them! (I'm still working on finding people who are excited and committed enough to do this with me.)


Above you'll find the basics for an unforgettable marathon with friends, but there are so many ways to run with it and make it even better.

Have shark-themed music playing during breaks - just don't forget to add the Sharknado theme song to your playlist!

Play one of the many drinking games on the internet. I recommend only doing this for like, one film if you're doing a 10+ hour marathon party...

Have a Sharknado trivia contest in between films.

Most of these work for your Shark Week viewing needs, too!

Are we missing anything? Have you done a Sharknado marathon party before? How'd it go?!

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