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POSTPONED Sony's 'Escape Room 2' Couldn't escape a delay

Another horror film experiencing the true nightmare of the production delay

The sequel of a psychological horror film that made it's victims perform tasks that they were initially proposed to do on topon top of the impending threat of their doom, has now been delayed to 2021 ontop of numerous other projects we have covered.

This film was supposed to of been released already this past April, then August, to then be pushed to December 30th of this year, to January of next, now to show at a later unknown time in 2021.

This film was supposed to be my Cube fix this year and now I'm devastated.

Sony will most likely announce the release date of Adam Robitel's claustrophobic funhouse horror by December, or early next year.

We are still not in the know as far as the plot for this sequel, but if you haven't seen the first one it follows six strangers given the chance of a $10,000 award upon completion of an escape room. Of course, it is no regular escape room, and the bigger prize is their lives.

Again, we are dealing with the much-needed precautions due to the Covid-19 virus and these steps need to be taken for everyone to be safe. This delay is not a surprise. Working on film projects is no piece of cake and is a super-sensitive activity with high demand for various different factors to all be in place so that things happen smoothly. For example, due to complications worldwide, this film wouldn't do so well being strictly for America, whereas other films for a broader audience in multiple countries will not need delays. They may not do well in America, but other countries doing well as far as cases such as Asia, will be most of where worldwide friendly films will profit. There is, however, no shortage of horror to come soon and we are excited to keep you in the loop on all things spooky!

What do you think about all these delays? Is it right to get audiences hyped up to then not be sure about a release date?

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