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Stephen King Gives The 'BoogeyMan' Adaptation The Greenlight

King approves the screenplay reviving his short story originally published in 1973

Writing the screenplay, Stephen Beck and Bryan Woods recapture the story of a man haunted by the deaths of his three children who screamed 'Boogeyman' before he died.

This feat to recreate the horrors of Stephen King has been in the works for two years. I can imagine they are extremely proud, having now the 'blessing' from the man himself.

“We’ve got a script that we’re super excited about.I think development is kind of growing and changing and evolving, but it’s been … I don’t know. It was a really fun project.”

- Bryan Woods

Stephen Beck and Bryan Woods were behind A Quite Place, the movie that featured terrifying monsters that hunted their prey through sound. This movie was a huge success in 2018 so fans can place their bets on the adaptation to be a goodie!

Are you ready for more Stephen King? Have you heard of this short story before?

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