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Stephen Lang Puts On A Great Performance In VFW

A movie where junkies are put up against veterans in a battle like the Alamo

VFW can be watched on Shudder and stars Stephen Lang, William Sadler, Fred Williamson, Martin Kove, David Patrick Kelly, George Wendt, and Sierra McCormick. It features graphic violence so veteranal discretion advised. Actually, save your old man the stress, this film gets pretty bloody.

Do you know what I love about Veterans? They don't give a flying fuck.

In this film, Stephen Lang leads a gang of fellow veterans against an army of Hypers. Hypers are what are referred to as junkies who are after an addictive substance called 'Hype'. The story is tastefully simple. A young girl named Lizard steals a drug lord's stock and then hides out in a bar where there are some regulars drinking and shooting the shit before making their way to a titty bar.

Instead of giving the drugs back and making a run for their lives, the veterans take matters into their own hands and defend their home base even after losing some of their own. Truly a notable act of valor for anyone else who would have gotten the hell out of dodge. Even more badass when they grab anything they can that looks even remotely blunt or sharp enough to kill a man in the bar.

I love the cast, especially Lang who in the movie I think is the most straightforward and respectable character with the most leadership ability.

This film is bloody as hell. Heads get sawed-off, smashed in, and split into pieces in an all-out brawl with multiple waves throughout the movie of Hypers that could easily be mistaken for Dawn of the Dead type zombies.

Without getting too much into details and raving too much about the movie because I really did love it, there is one thing I disliked. This is another film that had reds, blacks, blues, grays, but god damn was it dark. Had me turning up the brightness still unable to see much of anything. I'm sure on a 4k Widescreen television it might be different, but I didn't get to appreciate the details for it was drowned out by the style in the way the movie was shot.

Aside from that, this is a must-watch and It's taking a lot for me to end this here.

Name a film this one reminded you of.

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