Stephen Lang Returns as The Blind Man in Terrifying Sequel to 'Don't Breathe' Slated for August!

Okay... The hype is SO REAL.

For those who didn't know, earlier this month the highly anticipated sequel to 2016's Don't Breathe wrapped filming. Today Sony's Screen Gems announced the release dates to all anxious fans of the first! Don't Breathe 2 will be the return of the horrifying Blind Man on August 13, 2021!

With a new director on board, Rodo Sayagues, we are still thrilled to here the original director Fede Alvarez is still put down as co-writer.

“Don’t Breathe 2 is set several years after the home invasion of the first movie, with the Blind Man living in quiet solace…until his past sins catch up to him. In Don’t Breathe 2, the Blind Man has been hiding out for years in an isolated cabin and has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a house fire. Their quiet existence is shattered when a group of kidnappers show up and take the girl, forcing the Blind Man to leave his safe haven to save her."

Are you excited to check out the sequel???

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