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Switchboard Is A 1940s Set Paranormal Horror

No personal cameras in the 40s so it's not gonna be found footage?

Paranormal Activity producer Steven Schneider produces with Dark Hell's Armaan Zorace.

Directing is Matt Reeves, who had recently done known found footage film Cloverfield. Still, wondering how this film will be able to pull off found footage if it is going to be so.

Matt Reeves is also working on the upcoming Batman movie with Robert Pattinson.

The movie is about a young switchboard operator who finds herself communicating with, and possibly targeted by, an active serial killer. As their conversation intensifies, she begins to question her safety, her sanity, and, ultimately, her very reality.

Devon Graye wrote this film, you may know his work from the thriller, See You.

What's the best horror movie that you know was set in the 40s?

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