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Terrifier 2 Delayed - Director Releases Statement

We look forward to 2021, but Horror fans will have to find a substitute for a sequel to this 2016 hit for now

In 2016, Art the Clown became the second most terrifying clown to Pennywise, which is a hard feat to pull, for there are actual clowns who have killed actual people. We were all excited for this October for the second installment of this psychotronic horror. Unfortunately, Writer-Director Damien Leones' next film will not be ready for release this year.

Damien took to his Facebook page on October 1st to write as follows:

"Hey guys! Happy October 1st I want to give everyone an update regarding Terrifier 2's release since we understandably get bombarded with the question: "When's it coming out!?" lol Our initial goal was to have it out this month but like every other production, Covid set us back big time. We are finally heading into our final stretch of filming currently and our new goal is to have the film completed by early 2021. However, that does not mean we will have distribution secured. That will be the next step upon completion.

As you know, Terrifier 2 is a completely independent film funded through Indiegogo and a handful of private investors. We did not have a studio or distribution company backing us so this is truly a grassroots campaign on every level. Believe me, we are as anxious and excited to release this film as you are to see it but the last thing we want to do is rush it. The cast and crew have truly put an unfathomable amount of time and energy into this film and we're trying to exceed expectations on every level. All I can say is, it will be worth the wait.

Thanks so much for understanding and for your patience! The next big update will be when we wrap principle photography. Again, we will keep you posted every step of the way Another thing I want to mention is: there are A TON of fake Terrifier 1 & 2 twitter, facebook and instagram accounts spreading all sorts of false information. The ONLY 2 OFFICIAL TERRIFIER ACCOUNTS right now are this Facebook page: Terrifier 2 and terrifier2_official on Instagram Unless you see information posted one either one of these accounts, then it is not legitimate information.

Stay safe and healthy, Damien"

With no official release date for this movie, we don't know whether or not we will be getting it in '21 or '22. That is the true terrifier.

Believe it or not, filming for the second installment started last year in October and was almost finished before the whole world went into quarantine. The film production crew will be advised to follow all safety guidelines in order to finish the film. If Covid-19 persists at a higher rate, we may be looking at 2022 as the most possible release year.

We know little about the film so far, but the blurb on Imdb, which I'll put below will pretty much set the premise of the next film.

[VIA Imdb]

"After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to the timid town of Miles County where he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night."

We at The Bloody Pulp will do what we can to unearth hidden gems for all of ya'll amongst this unholy showering of delays, to ensure entertainment, whilst anxiety still continues to spread through our homes.

Until David Howard Thornton returns to us on the silver screen as Art the killer clown we've grown to love, I do hope you take a dive into some more of our content detailing gratuitous knowledge of all things horror. Thank you and pray I don't have to inform of another anticipated film's delay.

How excited were you for this sequel? Was Thornton's killer clown portrayal one of your top favorites?

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