The 6 Bonus Episodes Of The Walking Dead Season 10 Will Be Character Deep Dives!

I was already down. Now I'm double down.

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale is finally coming our way on October 4th. But, that won't really be the end of season 10. In case you haven't heard, their will be 6 bonus episodes coming out sometime in 2021.

And now we have details about what those bonus episodes will be!

Angela Kang, current showrunner, and the shows saving grace, has said the bonus episodes:

"are all designed to be filmed safely during this pandemic that we're in. There's sort of an anthological feel to some of them. They're really deep dives into our characters, which I hope people enjoy. We've been enjoying working on something that's a little bit different from what we were doing in the main part of Season 10. We just get to feature different people and tell these little stories that all kind of add up to a picture of what our survivors are going through, and that will lead us into Season 11 eventually."

Scott Gimple, the head of the entire Walking Dead universe, said that covid restraints:

"resulted in some of the most amazing scripts the show has produced. I can't wait to see them in these episodes. And it just so happens — well, it doesn't just so happen, because they were planned for this — but they're incredibly safe to produce. Or at least, incredibly cognizant of the challenges we'll face in producing them."

Are you excited for some BONUS Walking Dead episodes??

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