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The babysitter: killer queen first impressions (No Spoilers)

If you couldn't guess, members of The Pulp Cult are big fans of movies about blood cults!

Let's just get this down front and center... I fucking loved this movie! I was a huge fan of the first one that dropped on Netflix in 2017, I thought it was a masterpiece and upon finding out about a sequel I soiled my undies! This is a horror-comedy, with an emphasis on the comedy. This movie is not scary, it is meant to be a thrill-ride and it is! All the way through! Now if it's not scary then why am I talking about this on The Bloody Pulp website... because director and screenplay writer McG doubled down on the gore, the special effects, and the gore! Shit, I said doubled down. This is just my first impression spoiler-free because I want you to watch this if you were a fan of the first one right now. It is most definitely a bloody good time.

You may see reviews that this is not a good movie because it's lacking in horror, or that it is too over the top bloody which is fucking weird to me... Like, re-read this sentence, dude. If you're here reading this then your either my editor or you are already thinking about watching this movie and honestly my editors going to watch it too so what are you waiting for? Oh, you're one of those losers that if Samara Weaving is not in it then it's not the same and you won't watch it. Do you know who else is on the Samara Weaving fan boat? It's me, and we are cruising across the everglades... But listen, where one chicken leaves the pen makes room for another, and Emily Alyn Lind will blow you away. I promise.

I'm only allowing myself a brief synopsis while this post-honeymoon phase after watching the movie lasts! Any longer, I'll spoil the goods! I'm leaving out negative disclaimers and thoughts and saving them for discussion! We need to talk about this! What does this mean for sequels! Is this how it should be done? Did anyone else love Samara Weaving in Bill and Ted: Face The Music? Why couldn't I wait until morning to write my first impression? And lastly...

How bad are you currently crushing on your old babysitter?

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