The Best Horror Movie of the 2010's

You clicked on this article expecting to see It Follows or Hereditary didn't you? WRONG. While this opinion has made for a controversial topic in The Bloody Pulp office, I am sticking to my gut instinct. Most of you have probably already seen it, a little movie written and directed by the one and only Drew Goddard (Writer of The Martian and Director/Writer of Bad Times at El Royale).

The Cabin in the Woods. A 2012 film that most of you have probably seen, and if you haven't...

WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?... No, but really. Go on Amazon Prime and watch it. (Or better yet, support the studio and buy the 4k/Blu-ray Disc - Link at the Bottom of Page)

Seriously, this movie is that good, and here's just a few reasons why:

The plot is unique...

If you have seen any other of Drew Goddard's work, then this one is obvious. His sense of humor is top tier and rather than rehash the same old slasher plot or remake a classic horror movie, he made this... Whatever this is. Whatever it is, I'm happy it exists because it's super fun.

This movie treats its viewers as intellectuals rather than assume we are dumb. How many horror movies keep us so in the dark to the extent that you become infuriated? While this is a tactic that I love when done right, it was nice having a movie that hides little to nothing from its viewers, at all times. In fact, we know FAR MORE than the characters in the movie do, and that's what makes it so fun to watch.

It's hilarious.

Have you ever wondered why characters in all our favorite horror movies tend to make the most absurd decisions? Seriously, I know it's an overstated critique, but let's be real... Dumb decisions and horror movies tend to go hand-in-hand. Well, this movie gives us a reason WHY they are so stupid. We get to dive deep (literally) into the world that makes it all tick. The people pulling the strings.

Sound weird? It is.

From the witty dialogue to the hysterical and bloody elevator scene. Everything about it is wonderful... Did I mention you should watch it? Well you should.

Stereotypical characters... Yes? It makes sense I promise.

One of the MANY debates we had on this in our office space was the characters in this film. A common argument I hear is "Well... The characters just appear like stereotypes."

Wow, really? I wonder why.

If anyone tells you that, IGNORE THEM. Every character is integral for the plot and had a reason they made the decisions they did. It's not just a bunch of people who act the same and die from the same dumb mistake. I want to go more in depth, but I don't wanna give you spoilers. Just... Watch it.

The monsters are awesome.

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE cool monsters. Seriously, who doesn't? Growing up, I remember watching classic monster movies with my Dad and loving every minute of it. Now, with that being said, the large collection we get a glimpse of is AMAZING. There is one sequence I mentioned before, The Elevator Scene, that when you see it will make you shit yourself.

This movie was clearly made by a horror fan that wanted to show love to the genre. The passion bleeds onto the screen. Every frame is loaded with Easter Eggs, and the monsters in this are no exception. There is something for EVERY horror movie fan, even if you don't love it as much as me, I promise you'll at least have fun. (If you don't, well, I will never understand)

It has an amazing cast.

Chris Hemsworth (Uh... Thor), Anna Hutchison (Spartacus: Blood & Sand), Kristen Connolly (House of Cards), Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy) and Fran Kranz (The Village.)

They play Curt, Jules, Dana, Holden, and Marty. Five friends who go to stay at a cabin... In the woods. GO WATCH IT.

The ending.

I can't spoil anything... Which makes discussing this point hard, so I will make it quick. It is one of the most memorable endings I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Seriously, it's that good. How often do you see an actual unique ending? I can't say more than that, but seriously... Did I mention to go watch it?

Maybe I have horrible taste and will get bullied for writing this article, I don't know. But I stand by my statement, and I urge you to check this movie out, it's worth watching. Honestly, it's even worth watching again... and again. I've lost track of my total amount of viewings.

So... To end this I'll make a bold statement once again. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is the BEST horror film of the 2010s. Do you agree? You probably don't, so tell me why I'm wrong in the comments!

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