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"The Box" Is a New Anthology Series Starring Emmy-Winner Anna Friel

Adi Hasak teams up with Nordic Entertainment Group for a supernatural thriller anthology series

Leading up to the anticipated release of The Mortuary Collection, it was a pleasure to hear of a new anthology series, The Box starring Anna Friel. This new supernatural horror drama will begin as a character-driven psychological experience.

Friel will be playing the lead Sharon Pici, a Kansas City Police detective that is locked in a room that she cannot escape.

“I am excited to be working with Nent Group on such a fascinating project. Looking forward to the cameras rolling and going on this journey with Adi.”

- Anna Friel

Friel had previous success in her role in Netflix's Marcella, and this is her first series since then. Marcella awarded her the International Emmy for best actress in 2017

This Anthology is intriguing to me because it explores the psyche, which in my opinion, is the most horrible thing imaginable!!! Nothing more horrific than the true follies of the human mind. I have been drawn to psychological thrillers my whole life and in the form of an anthology, that's just something I've never seen before.

Until then, enjoy The Mortuary collection, which I believe will be premiering this Friday on Shudder.

What's your favorite sub-genre of horror? Survival, body, psychological, science fiction?