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Striking Distance Studio's 'The Callisto Protocol' Looks Feverishly Terrifying

Check out the trailer for a weird twist of emotions between excited and disturbed

The Callisto Protocol reveal was one of the biggest reveals during the recent Game Awards 2020, paired with an intense trailer that would scare the shit out of you. Now, we caught wind of an extended Red Band version of the trailer that will scare more shit out of you.

Horror fans everywhere should have this new next-gen take on horror survival on their radars when it drops in 2022 on next-gen consoles and PC.

Callisto Protocol is set on Jupiter's moon Callisto in 2320 in a maximum-security prison. Now, I thought the character we were introduced to in the trailer was going to be our soon-to-be protagonist until he got his face turned to mush by whatever the hell that alien thing was. We'll soon find out who's shoes players will put on in the game to escape the prison and discover what's afoot in Black Iron Prison.

Striking Distance Studios might have just created the next Dead Space with this game. Things it has in common? Well, it's a third-person, action-packed, immersive, single-player survival horror game. Details of the game will continue to pour out like that guy in the trailer's face guts throughout the following year.

What's the best survival horror game set in space?

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