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"The Cleansing Hour" Is Unique, Enjoyable, And Will Steer You From Your Social Media

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I had my doubts coming into this movie. It honestly seemed like a whole lot of cheap scares, amateur props, and bad effects. But, The Cleansing Hour was a unique expose on the dangers of the spread of social media and the synthetic nature of social media personas. We followed Drew and Max on their fake exorcism show, where they bring on people to pretend to be possessed and add special effects such as smoke and blood pouring from their heads.

(Spoilers Follow)

It was a pretty neat reveal when Drew's fiancé volunteered to be possessed for the show, and when Max poured holy water on her they got a little off-script smoke coming out of her. 'Off script' is a fair description of the scene following, as multiple things went awry before the two might of suspected there was an actual demon at hand. The originality in this film... you have to give it credit where credits due. I think this whole concept was awesome.

The events that took place were more interesting as thousands of viewers were glued to their phones watching the event as everything went to shit. What happened brought Max and Drew together as they were put through trials 'lifting the veil' of all the lies they took part in. Everyone around the world watched as Max especially was stripped from the man he was in front of everyone.

I think this was wonderfully convictive, as we see these types of behaviors on social media every waking hour. We romanticize them, and idealize with them. We also think, it would be perfect to see who the real versions of them are.

The film brought out some truly touching moments when the two were being tested to their absolute limits as they were on the brink of their demise.

Some of the CGI effects like the objects flying around the room were terrible. I did favor the CGI bloodhound type monsters that looked like they were pulled straight out of a Ridley Scott film. I would of liked the film with a thicker budget, as the effects were the only gripe I had with this one, besides the acting.

Kyle Gallner, who played Drew, I've recognized from multiple horror films and I really liked this performance above all.

This movie delivered. Worth watching. You will enjoy it if you haven't already. If you have, let us know what you think.

Did The Cleansing Hour grab you? Are you getting a lot of social commentary movies nowadays? Does it say something about our society?

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