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The Curse Of Hobbes House Is Your Fix Of Reanimated Corpses

A movie I didn't hear of til now, that will release next month

After the death of her Aunt, Jane Dormant travels to the family’s remote, ancestral home hoping to receive a large inheritance. When Jane’s estranged, half-sister Jennifer arrives at Hobbes House to claim her part of the estate, the sisters’ simmering hate ignites.

Director Juliane Block worked with writer Wolf-Peter Arand to bring you a story about a woman who is just trying to catch a break before she encounters a horde of undead zombies!

Some names of a few cast members starring in this film are Mhairi Calvey, Makenna Guyler, Waleed Elgadi.

The release of The Curse Of Hobbes House is set for December 15th, 2020.

I suspect this film to be gruesome as their will feature hordes of bloodthirsty zombies so strap in!

Share for zombies!!!

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