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The Horror Collective's 'Rot' Is Inspired By David Cronenberg

A horror-thriller coming to Amazon next week on Thursday

Thanks to Deadline, an interesting Cronenbergian horror film has dropped on our radar today and it has a pretty badass movie poster.

The movie stars Kris Alexandrea, Johnny Kostrey, and Mckale Jude Bingham.

Produced by The Gift's Beth Crudele, and packing a directing debut by Andrew Merril who works for Deadline, the film plans to uplift the next generation of horror.

Plot synopsis:

When Madison’s ex goes missing, his friends expect her to lead the search to find him. But something vile has taken over his body, and what they find is worse than any of them could have imagined.

Check out a trailer below!

Does this film look intriguing to you? I'm definitely going to on top of it on release!